The Art Alley Committee formed in early 2019 with willing and eager local artist on a mission to make a difference in our community, uniting and inviting people of all backgrounds to make their mark on Chadron. With a diverse community rich in history with so many things to celebrate and commemorate, it only made sense to begin efforts of connecting our community through a collective effort beautifying our city streets with public art. 

The art work showcased within the community is not limited to the alley West of Main Street between 2nd and 3rd, it is simply a starting point and foundation to begin and build momentum and open doors for opportunity in the future. You can catch more public art taking place around town with donated pianos that are placed in particular locations around town that have also had the magic touch of some of our local artist and community members.

Over the year our efforts have picked up and grown tremendously thanks to our community commitment and support. These projects and efforts have been 100% dependent and generous community based donations, business owners, and patrons who have taken the time to help fund our efforts through paint donations, supplies, monetary means, helping feed our paint crew on the weekends, and much much more. If you are interested in donating please click HERE to access our GOFUND ME PAGE.